Safe Summer Travels


Get Coverage for your next Summer Trip

Is your Pinterest filled with travel boards? Are you constantly perusing travel sites, searching for your next adventure?

Traveling isn’t for those who like to play it safe, but there are ways to stay safe while you travel.

Travel Insurance helps cover any medical costs or financial losses that occur while traveling. This insurance covers you in your own country as well as internationally. There’s no need to stress about a long-term commitment, travel insurance is usually temporary and can be purchased at the time you book your trip.

Whether you need it for the duration of your trip or cover a number of trips within a certain amount of time. Coverage usually includes:

  • Emergency evacuation
  • Medical emergency
  • Trip Cancellation
  • Hijacking
  • Lost or Stolen Baggage
  • And more.

Visit Priority Insurance to set up the best plan for your next trip.


Home Insurance Tips for first time home buyers


Buying your first home is a huge life decision and can involve an array of emotions. There are many things involved in buying your first home and selecting the right home insurance is one of them. Making a decision can be exciting, a little scary, and overwhelming.

There are three important things you want to look for when making a decision on the right home insurance policy for you:

  1. Coverage for Home’s Structure – this protects your home from any disaster including fire, hurricane or other disaster. You want to buy enough to be able to rebuild your home after damage occurs.
  2. Coverage for Personal Belongings – this covers the amount of valuables in your home that were stolen or damaged by a fire including clothing, furniture, and other personal items. It is best to create a home inventory before choosing the right amount of coverage for you.
  3. Liability Protection – protects you from any lawsuits from an injury a guest received while in your home. This policy also protects in case you, any family members, or pets cause to another person or their property.

To get the best deals and coverages on home insurance talk with a representative from Priority Insurance.


The Importance of Wedding Insurance


Your wedding should be the best day of your life, rid of stress and completely worry-free. Weddings are an extremely large expense with the average wedding in the U.S. costing upwards of $30,000. With an investment that large it is important to look into financial protection. Wedding insurance isn’t as well known or talked about in the wedding scene but is a worthwhile resource to look into.

Wedding insurance covers a wide range of circumstances including damage to wedding attire (i.e. wedding dress, tuxedo), losing a deposit in case of bankruptcy of a vendor, cancellation of the event because of illness, injury, extreme weather, or military service, and most importantly covers liability of a third party or liquor.

Priority Insurance will find you the best option possible for you and your significant other and allows you to pick and choose what you need coverage for. To plan ahead call priority insurance today for a free consultation at 864.297.9744.



Get a Worry-free Summer: Boat Insurance Coverage


Many celebrate the summer months with recreational boating and water sports.

As fun as boating may be it can also be a dangerous activity. Boat accidents are never planned but are a reality that boat owners need to recognize.

Unfortunately, not all homeowners insurance provides coverage for boats like some may assume. Priority Insurance offers plenty of options for personal and commercial insurance providers to get you the coverage you need.

Boat insurance covers:

  • Bodily injury caused to another person
  • Property damage to another person’s property
  • Guest passenger liability
  • Medical payments for injuries to boat owners and passengers
  • Theft

To request a quote and additional information, contact Priority Insurance today.

The Business Option


“We always have Options”

Instead of being a one-focused insurance company, we are all in one, offering a variety of options for our clients. Auto and Home insurance aren’t the only insurance coverages a person should make a priority. Priority insurance offers commercial insurance for any business looking to stay covered in case of robbery, natural disaster, or other incident. Booming businesses need the reassurance that an agency will replace any lost materials in a serious event.

Priority Insurance takes care of local businesses and assists with the selection of the right commercial insurance for any company at an affordable rate.

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The Importance of Comparing Insurance Rates


Insurance can be a costly necessity – especially if you haven’t been comparing the rates other companies offer. Insurance services are often an area where people become comfortable. They pay their monthly or annual premiums for years on end without finding out more about what else is out there.

By comparing the insurance rates of other companies, you may often find considerable savings. Start by asking friends and family for recommendations on agents. Contact them and other insurance agents you find through research to ask questions and get quotes. Narrow your choices down not only based on price but also on the quality of service you received during your inquiries.


The Dangers of Declining Adequate Car Insurance

car crash

We all know that having car insurance is a requirement and failing to acquire liability insurance results in a huge fine and possibly even an expired license. It goes without saying that having your car insured is a necessity. That being said, there are still some individuals who choose to forgo their car insurance. The problem with this is that the consequences can be much more than  just that large fine. adequate car insurance does more than keep the state happy. Full coverage car insurance ensures you are protected in the event your car is totaled or if you sustain bodily harm in an accident. Remember, you aren’t the only driver on the road so it’s important that you take your vehicle insurance options seriously.

We are always happy to offer free quotes on our insurance coverage selection.